Playing for Keeps

"It's What You Need to Succeed"
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Danny d'Angelo is an eighteen year old who lives with his mother and sister in New York City. During the summer he finds that they have inherited the Hotel Majestic. It has been closed up for a long time in Bethany, Pennsylvania. His great-aunt was the owner, but she died before the taxes, in the amount of $8,000 could be paid on it. A chemical company wishes to procure the establishment, and turn it into a dump for their chemical, unbeknownst to Danny and his family.

Danny and his friends attempt to raise the money through various means. They eventually scam people into buying mint cookies dressed up as Boy Scouts. Danny is able to earn enough money to make his Aunt Marie proud, and provide for neighbors with much needed food.

In a van, Danny and his friends drive to the location of the Majestic. They are disappointed about the conditions of the hotel. A man named Rockefeller G. Harding has been living in the hotel. He take the men on a tour of the facility. They decide to renovate the hotel with a kid theme in mind. The towns people don't like the idea of these people moving into their town. They are afraid of what could happen if the Majestic is re-opened. Several measures are made in order to stop Danny and his friends.

Danny is encouraged by Rockefeller to get stockholders to help with the hotel. Danny returns with his friends from New York. The stockholders arrive and find the hotel is not what they were expecting. Danny and his friend made them think the hotel was much more luxurious than what it is. The guys are given one month to get the hotel in order, and still deal with the ill reputed chemical company. The stockholders will have an inspection after that. They must prove they are playing for keeps if they want the stockholders financial backing.

| 1986 | 1 hr 42 min | 4.0/10
Daniel Jordano, Matthew Penn, Leon W. Grant, Mary B. Ward
Miramax Films
Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Playing for Keeps
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