"Pag-ibig (Love). Paghinhintay (Waiting). Pag-asa (Hope)."
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Ploning is a romance drama that was released in 2008. A young man who has spent most of his life living on a fishing vessel returns to his small village in search of a woman he knew when he was twelve. The woman is one that he still loves deeply, and she broke his heart by leaving him for another boy who gave her more presents. Since his leaving, the woman has gone through a number of relationships, and has become a well-known spinster in her community. The film shows the trials of returning to a past love, and finding out if someone can actually change.

2008 | | 5.3/10
Judy Ann Santos, Gina Pareño, Mylene Dizon, Meryll Soriano
Dante Nico Garcia
Produced By
Jourdan Sebastian, Guia Gonzales
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Also directed by Dante Nico Garcia