Pocahontas: The Legend

Live-action classical tale of the new world depicts the story of native Pocahontas and English settler John Smith. While settling into the new world with his fellow Englishmen, John Smith is kidnapped by the native dwellers and soon becomes close with the beautiful and young Pocahontas. They quickly become friends and potential love interests, much to the dismay of the natives.

As he grows closer to Pocahontas, Smith learns the way and lifestyle of the native people and soon realizes he and his Englishmen may have unrightfully invaded the new world. His new bond with the native princess and his camaraderie with his Englishmen collide as both sides battle it out against each other.

| 1995 | 1 hr 42 min | 3.2/10
Daniele J. Suissa, Daniele Suissa
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Pocahontas: The Legend