Point Blank

"They're the most dangerous criminals in Texas. And they're seriously out of control."

Point Blank is an action crime thriller film that was written by Jim Bannon, Chuck Konzelman, Daniel Raskov and Cary Solomon. Directed by Matt Earl Beasley, the movie features Mickey Rourke, Olivia Williams, Danny Trejo, Nina Savelle and Frederick Forrest. The story follows an ordinary prison bus transfer taking place in Texas. During the transaction, several prison inmates are told to liberate themselves by professional killers in black suits. They kill all the cops in a bloody battle. However, some of the inmates are not interested in joining them, fearing retribution. In any case, they all go into a local shopping mall and in short order murder all of the police force in the mall. They also hold everyone in the mall hostage. The breakout was masterminded by a corporate executive called Howard (played by Paul Ben-Victor). He wanted to create a distraction for the police in an effort to enforce a ponzi money laundering scheme. The police are held hostage by the crazy prisoners that are headed by Wallace (played by Danny Trejo) - who happens to be a psychopath. Ex-Texas ranger, Rudy Ray is working on a farm owned by this father. His brother is one of inmates who got involved in the mess, but did not want to leave. The sheriff asks Rudy to handle what the cops were not able to do. He is to get into the mall to find and murder the prisoners. However, Rudy is none too pleased with the situation and does not want to involve himself. Soon the sheriff is able to convince him how important it is and that he is likely the only one who has the proper training to handle the situation. The sheriff arms Rudy with plenty of ammunition. He is dropped off at the mall to complete the tasks of getting the hostages released and back to safety, as well as the prisoners back into the jail, amid more challenging battles.

| 1998 | 1 hr 29 min | 4.1/10
Matt Earl Beesley
Point Blank

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