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  • R
  • 1992
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.9  (23,673)

In 1992, Jackie Chan starred in Police Story 3, also known as Supercop, alongside Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung. The film is an action-packed martial arts masterpiece that delivers on thrills, humor, and heart-pumping excitement. Jackie Chan plays Hong Kong police officer Chan Ka-kui, who is sent by the Royal Hong Kong Police to help Interpol track down a major criminal syndicate in mainland China. To do this, he teams up with his girlfriend, Inspector Jessica Yang (played by Michelle Yeoh), who is also an undercover operative working for the Chinese government. Together, they hatch a plan to infiltrate the syndicate, and Chan must prove his loyalty by joining their ranks.

As Chan goes undercover, he meets several key players in the syndicate, including Panther (played by Yuen Wah), a ruthless enforcer, and Chaibat (played by Kenneth Tsang), the syndicate boss himself. Along the way, he faces countless obstacles and deadly peril, including high-speed chases, gun battles, and dangerous stunts.

Throughout the film, Jackie Chan's signature blend of comedy and action shines through, with plenty of creative fight scenes and stunts that showcase his incredible athleticism and skill. He also shares great chemistry with Michelle Yeoh, who holds her own in the action scenes and adds an extra layer of complexity to the storyline.

Maggie Cheung plays May, a young woman who gets caught up in the syndicate's web and becomes a pawn in their dangerous game. Cheung delivers a standout performance as her character transitions from naïve victim to cunning survivor, and her presence adds a compelling human element to the film.

One of the most memorable scenes in Police Story 3 is the famous train sequence, which features a hair-raising stunt in which Chan hangs off the side of a moving train. The scene was filmed without the use of special effects or safety harnesses, making it a true feat of bravery and skill.

Overall, Police Story 3 is a must-see for fans of action movies, martial arts, and Jackie Chan. It's a thrilling ride from start to finish, with plenty of heart and humor mixed in with the adrenaline-pumping action. The film's success led to a fourth installment in the franchise, and cemented Jackie Chan's place as one of the greatest action stars of all time.

Police Story 3
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  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
  • Runtime
    1 hr 35 min
  • Language
    Cantonese, Mandarin, Malaysian, English
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (23,673)