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"Fists and fun fly fast and furious when the Dragon Lord fights to save his nation's treasure"

The 1982 release, “Dragon Lord,” was another Jackie Chan hit. The international mega-superstar directed and choreographed the dramatic action film. The movie was another release in the follow-ups to “The Young Master.” Chan stars as Dragon, a young man who is constantly finding trouble. Cowboy is the best friend to young Dragon and one day the two meet up with Tiger, a co-conspirator in stealing some priceless artifacts from the Forbidden City. Tiger is now in hiding from the men who were also involved in the thefts.

Tiger informs the two that he left his team members before they completed the transaction of the thefts. They intended on selling the items to a few foreign customers and he would receive a portion of the money from the sale. Cowboy and Dragon listen to the tale but one important piece of information is left out; the Captain of the Guards is in cahoots with Cowboy’s corrupt dad to complete the sale of the stolen goods.

The two help Tiger hide out, after he tells the men that he has guards on his trail. He took some of the artifacts, which thwarted the plan to sell the collection as a whole. The group will have to face the Captain and his men when their hiding spot is found. The final fight between the Captain and the Dragon is well known as one of the best martial arts fighting scenes in martial arts films. Dragon is perched on the roof of a barn, darting back and forth, as sharp spears are thrown his way by guards on the ground below.

Chan directed the film and the action sequences. The elaborate stunts and amazing martial arts display was noted as one of Chan’s best choreography attempts on film. “Dragon Lord” holds the record for the most takes shot for the capture of one scene. With almost a thousand takes, the “shuttlecock scene” was finally caught on film and included in the movie.

| 1982 | 1 hr 26 min | 6.6/10
Jackie Chan, Mars, Michael Wai-Man Chan, Shirley Yim
Jackie Chan
Dragon Lord

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