"He topped the charts. Can he top high school?"
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The story Popstar is about a girl named Jane who is a genius in her high school class who is madly in love with a pop idol named J.D McQueen. However, this pop star had to get sent back to public high school due to his parents’ request, since his grades were slipping and he started to fall behind in his classes. Unfortunately, J.D won't be able to do his summer tour this year because of this, his career could be ruined.

There's only one person that is able to help him get back on track fast with his math and that is Jane.

| 2005 | 1 hr 34 min | 2.6/10
Aaron Carter, Alana Austin, David Cassidy, Kimberly Jeppson
Richard Gabai
Produced By
Steve Austin, Michael Amato, Jonathan Bogner, David Borg, Nzinga Garvey, Greg McDonald, Lou Pearlman, Ray Skiptunis, Rena Tonelli
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Also starring Alana Austin