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  • R
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.7  (6,555)

Prete-moi ta main (also known as I Do) is a French romantic comedy from 2006 directed by Eric Lartigau. The film stars Alain Chabat as Luis, a successful, yet socially awkward businessman who has everything - except a wife. Charlotte Gainsbourg portrays his friend's sister, Emma, who is unwillingly coerced into helping Luis find a suitable bride. Along the way, they develop a complex relationship that leads to unexpected dilemmas and romantic encounters.

The movie follows the life of Luis, a 43-year-old man who has devoted his entire life to work and has never had a serious relationship. As he approaches middle age, Luis' family begins to nag him about settling down and starting a family. His father, played by the legendary Bernard Le Coq, is eagerly trying to find him a nice girl to marry. However, Luis has no time for love and thinks that nobody could ever be a match for him.

On a business trip to Brazil, Luis' life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the charming Luciana (played by the stunning Adriana Lima). The two hit it off, and Luis is convinced that she's the woman of his dreams. However, he soon discovers that Luciana is only using him to obtain a green card to stay in France. Heartbroken and down on his luck, Luis decides to give up on love altogether.

That is until his best friend, Marc (played by Pascal Elbé), convinces him to attend his sister's wedding. Marc is convinced that his sister Emma (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is the perfect girl for Luis. Emma is a free-spirited artist who has never settled down with a partner. Luis is initially not interested in Emma, but Marc insists that he gives her a chance.

As Luis gets to know Emma, the two develop an unorthodox relationship that raises many questions about love and marriage. Emma is reluctant to become Luis' wife but agrees to help him find a suitable partner. As their plan unfolds, Luis and Emma's feelings for each other become increasingly complicated. Will they act on their feelings or remain just friends?

Prete-moi ta main is a charming and lighthearted movie that explores the intricacies of love and relationships. The chemistry between the lead actors, Alain Chabat and Charlotte Gainsbourg, is palpable, and their on-screen presence is delightful. The movie tackles modern-day dating and relationships in a funny and poignant way, and the supporting cast members add a touch of humor to the mix.

Apart from the remarkable performances, the movie's production values are top-notch. The settings, costumes, and cinematography are all impressive and transport viewers into a romantic French milieu. The film's soundtrack, composed by Laurent Aknin, is also noteworthy and complements the story's mood.

In conclusion, Prete-moi ta main is a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies. It is a heartwarming and entertaining flick that explores love, marriage, and relationships in a thought-provoking way. Alain Chabat and Charlotte Gainsbourg shine in their roles and create a memorable cinematic experience.

Prete-moi ta main
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    6.7  (6,555)