Private Confessions

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Swedish housewife Anna Berman has found a satisfying solution to her unhappy marriage to her cleric husband Henrik. She is involved with a younger man named Tomas who is a theology student. She confides to her spiritual advisor, uncle Jacob, that this relationship makes her feel fulfilled, but Jacob encourages her to tell her husband the truth in order to live a life of integrity. This film is a compilation of five private conversations that take place between Anna and Henrik, Anna and Uncle Jacob, Anna and her lover Tomas, and Anna and her friend Maria regarding her affair.

1997 | 3 hr 20 min | 7.2/10
Pernilla August, Max von Sydow, Samuel Fröler, Thomas Hanzon
Liv Ullmann
Produced By
Ingrid Dahlberg
Private Confessions
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Also starring Pernilla August