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"This is Radioman. He knows...everybody."
  • 2012
  • 1 hr 7 min
  • 6.9  (294)

Radioman is a fascinating documentary movie that delves into the life of a homeless man, Craig Castaldo, who became a Hollywood icon, known for his relationships with some of the biggest movie stars in the industry. Directed by Mary Kerr, Radioman takes us through the journey of Craig Castaldo, who became popularly known as Radioman because of his love for movies and his passion for collecting film materials.

The movie is set against the backdrop of New York City, where Radioman has been living on the streets for over 30 years. Radioman had no home, no job, and no one to take care of him. He would spend his days collecting cans and bottles for a living, and his nights watching movies at local theatres. However, Craig's passion for movies was not limited to just watching them. He had a unique talent of remembering almost every movie he had seen and the actors who starred in them. This unique talent caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and from there, Radioman's life took a new turn.

The documentary follows Craig's journey from a homeless street person to a Hollywood celebrity, invited to the biggest film sets in the world. The audience gets to witness how Craig's passion for movies and his unique talent of recognizing actors and actresses caught the eyes of some of the most prominent directors and producers.

The documentary features interviews with some of the biggest names in the movie industry, including George Clooney, Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, and Matt Damon. These interviews explore the relationship they had with Radioman and how his presence on their movie sets would brighten up their day.

The director, Mary Kerr, uses a unique approach to tell Craig's story. Instead of using the traditional documentary format, the movie is presented as a narrative, where the director takes the audience on a journey through Craig's life, using his own voice to provide narration.

Radioman has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of Craig's character, from his love of movies, his sense of humor, to his genuine care for the people who had taken him in. The movie also showcases the darker side of Craig's persona, his struggle with alcoholism and the pressure of being in the limelight.

The music in the film plays an integral role in setting the mood for each scene. The Director uses music to evoke different emotions from the audience, and this creates a powerful connection between the viewer and the story being told. The music also highlights the different periods in Craig's life, from his early years on the street to his life as a Hollywood celebrity.

Ultimately, Radioman is a story of survival, resilience, and the human spirit. The movie highlights the incredible journey of a man who, despite all odds, found a way to connect with the world through his love of movies. Radioman shows that success and happiness can take many forms and that sometimes, the greatest stars in Hollywood can be found in the most unexpected places.

In conclusion, Radioman is a gripping documentary movie that is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience. The movie takes the audience on a journey, showcasing the different facets of Craig's personality, his unique talent, and his incredible journey from a homeless person to a Hollywood legend. The movie is also a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the human spirit.

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  • Release Date
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    1 hr 7 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (294)