Raw Justice

"Kill... or be killed."
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Raw Justice is the 1994 suspense thriller about the mysterious murder of a New Orleans journalist and the search for her killer. The movie was written and directed by David A. Pryor. New Orleans Mayor David Stiles (Charles Napier) is distraught over the recent murder of his daughter, Donna (April Bogenschultz), who is a local reporter. David enlists the help of Donna's ex beau Mace (David Keith), a former New Orleans cop who is now a bounty hunter. Mace has a contentious relationship with his former employer, especially Detective David Atkins (Leo Rossi), who is a crooked cop.

The investigation quickly leads to Donna's most recent ex boyfriend Mitch (Robert Hays), with whom Donna had a rocky relationship. Mitch is arrested but quickly released after his high bond is paid by an unknown source. His release is really a ruse to get him back on the street so that he can also be murdered. After a failed ambush, Mitch and Mace are forced on the run along with local prostitute Sarah (Pamela Anderson), who witnesses the murder attempt.

Atkins ups the ante by beating a local bail bondsman to death and attempting to pin the crime on Mace. It is also revealed that Atkins is following the orders of sleazy Deputy Mayor Bob Jenkins (Stacey Keach), who will stop at nothing to get the mayor's job. Donna's murder was part of an elaborate scheme to blackmail the mayor on trumped up incest charges, thus forcing his removal from office. Atkins pursues Mace, Mitch, and Sarah into the gator infested swamps to tie up the remaining loose ends. His pursuit ends with his own violent death at the point of a giant dart. Jenkins takes the mayor hostage and uses him as a bargaining chip to escape by helicopter. In the final showdown, Mace is able to subdue the mayor, who ultimately meets his own violent end.

| 1993 | 1 hr 35 min | 4.1/10
David Keith, Robert Hays, Pamela Anderson, Leo Rossi
David A. Prior
Produced By
David Winters
Raw Justice
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