Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall

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The typical outcries of the modern professional male under duress are usually put on display in an environment where all aspects of masculine behavior can be explored. Such is the urban hetero dance hall. After losing his job in the corporate world, Tom Osborne is invited to a club where he is promised to rub elbows with people who can secure his future. Tom not only discovers a sleek and sexy world that he has been missing, but his new career might rest in dancing and carousing with certain important individuals at the club.

1987 | 23 min | 6.8/10
John Achorn, Tim Choate, Joe D'Angerio, Boyd Gaines
Bryan Gordon
Produced By
Stephen Milburn Anderson, Tikki Goldberg, Jana Sue Memel, Jonathan Sanger
Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall
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Also directed by Bryan Gordon

Also starring John Achorn