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Re:Generation Music Project is a documentary-style movie that was released in 2011. Directed by Amir Bar-Lev and produced by Hyundai, the 80-minute film explores the evolution and diversity of music by bringing together five prominent DJs and pairing them with some of the most popular musicians in different genres. The film aims to showcase the unique power of music to transgress boundaries, defy categorization, and unite people across different cultures and perspectives.

The movie starts off by introducing the five featured DJs who have been selected as part of the Re:Generation Music Project. These are DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, and The Crystal Method. Each DJ has been paired with a different genre of music ranging from jazz and classical to rock and blues, to create new tracks. The movie follows the creative process and shows how the musicians use their individual styles to experiment and blend various musical genres.

One of the most remarkable pairings is DJ Premier, who is primarily known for his work in hip-hop, collaborating with classical pianist Bruce Adolphe and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra. The movie highlights the moment when they first meet and shows how they fuse Premier's scratchy beats with Adolphe's classical compositions to create a new sound. The movie also showcases the challenges they face in the studio and how they overcome them to create something unique and meaningful.

Other pairs such as Mark Ronson and Erykah Badu, Pretty Lights and LeAnn Rimes, and Skrillex and the Doors are equally exciting and demonstrate the versatility of music. Mark Ronson's pairing with Erykah Badu puts her R&B/soul voice to Ronson's funk beats. The track they create titled "A La Modeliste" also features drummer Zigaboo Modeliste and saxophonist Trombone Shorty. The fusion of different musical elements and styles is showcased as they experiment and reimagine music in new ways.

The movie also delves into the cultural significance of music and its ability to bring people together. The pairing of Pretty Lights with blues guitarist Dr. John creates a catchy beat that leads to a street parade in New Orleans. Similarly, Skrillex and members of The Doors use music to bridge their generational and stylistic differences by creating a track titled "Breakn' A Sweat." The movie shows how music has the ability to break down both cultural and generational barriers and create something entirely new.

One of the significant themes of the movie is the creative process and how it evolves through collaboration. The movie shows how each artist's unique background and style contribute to the creative process, highlighting how collaboration can result in something greater than the sum of its parts. It showcases the importance of being open to new ideas, learning from others, and the willingness to push oneself creatively.

The movie ends with a live concert during which all the five tracks are performed together on stage. It emphasizes the power of music to connect people and create something new that has never been heard before. The concert is a testament to the project's success, showing how music can create unity, inspire new ideas, and demonstrate the influence of collaboration.

Overall, the Re:Generation Music Project is a fascinating look at music and the power it holds. The movie highlights how different musical genres and cultures can come together to create something new and entirely unique. It showcases the power of collaboration, experimentation, and the human experience of music. It is an impressive artistic achievement that celebrates the power of music to move beyond boundaries and create something transcendent.

Re:Generation Music Project
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