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"Fantasies of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'"
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 7.3  (1,426)

Resan till Melonia (Journey to Melonia) is an animated musical movie from 1989 directed by Per Åhlin, with a script by Astrid Lindgren. The movie features an excellent voice cast of Allan Edwall, Robyn Carlsson, and Olle Sarri, and was a product of collaboration between the Swedish and Norwegian film industries. The movie takes place in a fantasy world called Melonia, where music and harmony were once the norm. However, an evil leader named Zekes, voiced by Edwall, overthrew the ruling council and caused the land’s natural balance to be disturbed. As a result, the tree of life starts dying, and a plague of darkness blankets Melonia.

The story follows a young boy named Bottenviken, voiced by Sarri, who refuses to let his father abandon their land and sets out to find a way to fix the tree of life. On his journey, Bottenviken meets Missy Milly, voiced by Carlsson, who is searching for her parents, who have been imprisoned by the dark forces. The two decide to team up and venture through the treacherous land, encountering the likes of strange sea creatures and mystical music, to find a way to save their people.

Resan till Melonia is a beautifully animated movie that isn’t afraid to tackle heavy themes like environmentalism, corruption, and greed. The film is reminiscent of Disney’s Fantasia, with music driving the story forward and making for a unique and magical experience.

The animation style is varied, combining traditional techniques with more abstract sequences, which helps to make the fantasy world of Melonia feel alive and full of possibility. The color palette is bright and playful, with hues shifting to reflect the ever-changing moods of the story. The animation team also showcases intricate detail in the environment, with water droplets that look like jewels, bubble-gum pink seaweed, and craggy mountains.

One of the most memorable aspects of the film is its music, which features a variety of different genres, including jazz, rock, and folk. All of the original songs are incredibly catchy and emotionally evocative, enhancing the movie’s overall moral message. The songs are also used to explain some of the more complex themes and world-building in the movie, making it more accessible to younger audiences.

The voice cast is top-notch, with each actor bringing a unique energy and personality to their respective characters. Allan Edwall steals the show as the greedy and malevolent King Zekes, whose motivations are unclear until the very end of the movie. Edwall’s deep voice and commanding presence make his character both intimidating and fascinating. Robin Carlsson is equally impressive as Missy Milly, a part of a family of musicians that have the power to control nature with their music. Carlsson gives Missy Milly a spunky and adventurous spirit, making her a character that’s impossible not to root for.

Olle Sarri, as Bottenviken, is perhaps the film's most dynamic character. Sarri manages to convey the character's sense of determination and courage admirably, considering that Bottenviken has no magical powers, unlike the other main characters. He carries the weight of the narrative on his shoulders, and Sarri manages to find the balance between being believable and aspirational for younger viewers.

The movie’s pacing is noteworthy as well. It is fast-paced and combines excitement with moments of quiet contemplation that allow the audience to reflect on the movie’s message. The action scenes are well choreographed, which keeps the tension high, and the quieter moments are reflective but never boring.

In conclusion, Resan till Melonia is a beautiful and magical film that encapsulates the spirit of traditional animation. The film has a distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from other animated films of its era, and the music, voice acting, and themes all work together to tell a compelling story that is both exciting and relevant. The movie’s moral message is clear without feeling preachy, and it's overall a perfect film for families seeking to explore environmentalism and resistance to oppression.

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    7.3  (1,426)