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"... with the Heart-Blood of Murder!"
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  • 1947
  • 1 hr 7 min
  • 6.1  (250)

Roses Are Red is a classic film-noir movie released in 1947, directed by Lewis R. Foster and produced by Pine-Thomas Productions. The film stars Don Castle, Peggy Knudsen, and Patricia Knight in lead roles. The story of Roses Are Red revolves around the murder of a wealthy businessman, Charles Delaney, which takes place in a small town. The prime suspect of this murder is his wife, Nora Delaney, who has been having an illicit affair with Buck Travis, the town's mechanic. Nora is convicted of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, Nora's sister, Florence, is convinced of her innocence and decides to investigate the murder herself. She teams up with a private investigator, Jeff Casey, to gather evidence that can prove Nora's innocence. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles and danger in their quest to find the real killer.

Don Castle plays the role of the private investigator, Jeff Casey, who has a penchant for getting into trouble. Castle's character is sharp and witty, with a tough exterior that masks a heart of gold. He is a classic noir hero who is not afraid to break some rules in order to solve a case.

Peggy Knudsen plays the role of Nora's sister, Florence, who is determined to clear Nora's name. Knudsen's character is strong-willed and intelligent, and she shows great courage and determination in her pursuit of justice. She is a classic noir heroine who is not afraid to take on the establishment to find the truth.

Patricia Knight plays the role of Nora Delaney, the accused murderer. Knight's character is complex and nuanced, with a hint of desperation as she tries to prove her innocence. Knight gives a remarkable performance, showcasing her range as an actress.

The film's cinematography is classic film-noir style, with moody, high-contrast lighting that creates a sense of tension and unease. The film's score, composed by Paul Sawtell, is suitably ominous, with a heavy use of strings and brass to create a feeling of impending danger.

Roses Are Red is a classic film-noir movie that follows the conventions of the genre closely. It has a compelling storyline, great performances, and stunning visual style. The film's themes – of love, betrayal, and redemption – are universal and timeless, making it a must-watch for any noir aficionado.

Roses Are Red
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