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  • 1938
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Mr. Moto's Gamble is a classic crime-thriller movie from 1938, directed by James Tinling and starring Peter Lorre as Mr. Kentaro Moto, a Japanese detective. The film is an adaptation of the novel 'Stopover Tokyo' by John P. Marquand. The story is set in pre-World War II San Francisco, where Mr. Moto is on a mission to recover a stolen crown from a group of crooks. The crown holds a valuable diamond that belongs to a foreign country and is of immense cultural significance. Mr. Moto is aided in his mission by his trusted friend, Lee Chan (Keye Luke) and an American agent, Jim Baldwin (Dick Baldwin).

The plot unfolds as Mr. Moto traces the stolen crown to the possession of a wealthy businessman, Anton Darvak (Leon Ames). Darvak is a ruthless man who brokers arms deals with foreign countries and has allied himself with a group of international criminals. Mr. Moto poses as a wealthy gambler to infiltrate Darvak's inner circle and gain access to the stolen crown.

As Mr. Moto begins his investigation, he uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal. He learns that Darvak is planning to sell the stolen crown to a rival country and use the money to fund his arms deals. The stakes are raised when Mr. Moto discovers the involvement of a beautiful and seductive spy, Victoria Mason (Virginia Field), who is also after the crown.

As the tension builds, Mr. Moto must use all his wit and cunning to outsmart his enemies and foil their plans. He risks his life in a high-stakes game of poker and engages in a thrilling car chase through the streets of San Francisco. Mr. Moto's Gamble is a suspenseful journey filled with twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Peter Lorre delivers a masterful performance as Mr. Moto, portraying the character as intelligent, resourceful, and fearless. Keye Luke is equally impressive as Lee Chan, providing comedic relief while also being a loyal and valuable ally to Mr. Moto. Dick Baldwin's portrayal of Agent Jim Baldwin is convincing and adds depth to the story.

The film's cinematography is outstanding, capturing the city of San Francisco in all its grandeur. The screenplay is taut and keeps the audience engaged throughout. The music score by Samuel Kaylin is a perfect accompaniment to the film's suspenseful scenes and action sequences.

Mr. Moto's Gamble is a worthy addition to the Mr. Moto series and a classic crime-thriller that stands the test of time. It is a must-watch for fans of the genre and those seeking a thrilling and suspenseful experience.

Mr. Moto's Gamble
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