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""MUST CONFESS. HONORABLE SON...This Is My Most Baffling Case!""
  • NR
  • 1944
  • 1 hr 6 min
  • 6.3  (1,442)

Charlie Chan: The Chinese Cat is a 1944 mystery film directed by Phil Rosen and starring Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan, Joan Woodbury as Mrs. Manning, and Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown. This is the tenth film in the Charlie Chan series and the second to feature Sidney Toler in the role of Charlie Chan. The plot revolves around a group of people who are all connected to a wealthy businessman named Mr. Manning, who has recently died under suspicious circumstances. Charlie Chan is called in to investigate the case, as there are many potential suspects and few clues to follow. The main suspect is Manning's beautiful and conniving widow, who seems to have a motive for his death. However, as Chan and his sidekick Birmingham Brown dig deeper into the case, they discover that there are several other people who could have had a hand in Manning's demise.

One of these people is a mysterious woman known only as The Chinese Cat, who has been seen lurking around Manning's estate. Chan and Brown believe that she is involved in the murder somehow, but they must figure out how she fits into the puzzle. They also encounter a cast of eccentric characters, including a bumbling detective, a shady lawyer, and a nervous assistant who all seem to have something to hide.

As Chan pieces together the clues, he uses his trademark deductive reasoning and clever wordplay to solve the mystery. He also relies on his knowledge of Chinese culture and philosophy to help him see the bigger picture. In the end, Chan uncovers the truth behind the murder and reveals the identity of The Chinese Cat.

The film's production values are typical of the era, with simple sets and minimal special effects. However, the performances by the cast are strong and engaging, with Toler bringing a sense of gravitas and intelligence to the role of Charlie Chan. Moreland provides comic relief as Birmingham Brown, while Woodbury plays the role of the femme fatale with gusto.

Overall, Charlie Chan: The Chinese Cat is a solid entry in the long-running Charlie Chan series. It delivers a satisfying mystery with plenty of twists and turns, as well as memorable characters and witty dialogue. Fans of classic mystery films will find much to enjoy in this entertaining thriller.

(Note: While this film is a product of its time and contains some dated stereotypes and racial attitudes, it is still considered an important part of the Charlie Chan franchise and a notable example of 1940s cinema.)

Charlie Chan: The Chinese Cat
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