The Private Eyes

"Who better to solve England's most puzzling mystery than these two international crime busters?"
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The film entitled The Private Eyes is about the adventures of two police detectives. The film starts when a creature in black goes over to a car and murders Lord Morley and Lady Morley. Inspector Winship and Dr. Tart rush over to the Morleys' residence, where they present a letter written by Lord Morley authorizing them to investigate his murder to the heiress Trisha and other staff.

As the inspectors investigate the case at the mansion, some of the members of staff are discovered dead, but the bodies disappear even before the detectives can even examine them. The two detectives get trapped in a chamber where they go through torture and almost die.

A boa later scares them and into a trash compactor which almost compresses them into the garbage. They succeed in getting out of the garbage, where they see the heiress trying to make her way out of the mansion with a bag of money. They go after her and stop her, and she confesses that she is responsible for the death of the Morleys, as she killed them to be able to control their fortune.

She tries to kill the inspectors but falls into a heap of garbage where a shadowy creature comes out and scares her to a point that she collapses. Then the shadowy creature takes off its cap and reveals himself to be Lord Morley.

Moorley then tells the story of how he had succeeded in getting out of his car and making his way back to the mansion disguised as the shadowy creature. He then wrote a letter to inspector Winship and Dr. Tart so they could come investigate his wife’s murder. He also planned with the rest of the staff at the mansion to force the heiress to confess.

At the end, all the members of staff who were presumed dead reappear and the two detectives take their leave.

| 1980 | | 6.8/10
Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Trisha Noble, Bernard Fox
The Private Eyes (1981) is an American film starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts. The pair play bumbling detectives from Scotland Yard. The film is directed by Lang Elliott, and marks the final pairing of both Conway and Knotts, not counting their cameos a
The Private Eyes
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