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  • 2006
  • 6.3  (569)

Rough is a 2006 Japanese sports drama film directed by Kentaro Otani and starring Masami Nagasawa, Mokomichi Hayami, and Tsuyoshi Abe. The movie is based on a manga of the same name by Mitsuru Adachi. The story revolves around Keisuke Yamato (Mokomichi Hayami), a high school student who excels in swimming. He is so good that he is scouted by a prestigious swimming club in Tokyo. However, he is reluctant to leave his hometown of Beppu and abandon his childhood friend, Ami Ninomiya (Masami Nagasawa). The two have been close since they were kids and have always shared a special bond. Ami is the manager of the school’s swim team and secretly has a crush on Keisuke.

Keisuke's father, who is also his coach, knows that his son's talent has the potential to take him far in the field of swimming. He wants his son to pursue his dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer, which means leaving Beppu and going to Tokyo. However, Keisuke is not sure if he wants to leave Ami behind.

Ami, on the other hand, has her own ambitions. She dreams of becoming a swim coach and hopes to one day become a successful coach herself. She knows that Keisuke has the talent to become an Olympic swimmer and encourages him to pursue his dreams. However, she is also hesitant about confessing her feelings to him, fearing that it might ruin their close friendship.

The film deals with themes of friendship, love, and ambition. Keisuke's struggle to choose between his dreams and his friends is portrayed sensitively. He reflects on his past and the memories he shares with Ami, realizing that their friendship is more important to him than anything else. Masami Nagasawa's character, Ami, adds a layer of emotional depth to the film, making it more than just a sports drama.

The swimming scenes in the movie are well choreographed and shot beautifully. The underwater shots make the audience feel as if they are swimming along with the characters. The film's score, composed by Yoshihiro Ike, adds to the emotional depth of the movie.

Rough is a heartwarming and emotional sports drama that will leave the audience rooting for the characters. It is a story about the importance of friendship, following one's dreams, and the sacrifices one has to make to achieve them. The movie teaches us that even in the face of hardship, one can find the courage to pursue their dreams and that true friends will always be there to support us, no matter what.

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    6.3  (569)