Saaz Aur Awaaz

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  • NR
  • 1966
  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 5.8  (14)

Saaz Aur Awaaz is a 1966 Hindi film directed by Subodh Mukherjee, starring Joy Mukherjee, Saira Banu, and Mumtaz Begum. The movie was one of the most popular musical dramas of its time, featuring soulful music by the legendary duo, Naushad and Shakeel Badayuni. The film revolves around the love triangle between Vijay (Joy Mukherjee), Meena (Saira Banu), and Meena's sister, Leela (Mumtaz Begum).

The movie opens with Vijay, a talented musician, rejecting a lucrative job offer in London to take care of his ailing mother in his hometown. He soon meets Meena, a shy and introverted girl, who is a big fan of his music. Meena is hesitant to express her feelings towards Vijay, but he eventually falls in love with her.

Meanwhile, Meena's younger sister, Leela, is a spunky, carefree girl, who dreams of becoming a famous singer. When Vijay hears Leela sing, he is immediately drawn to her raw talent and becomes her mentor. Leela, in turn, falls in love with Vijay, creating a complicated love triangle.

As the story progresses, tensions rise between the three protagonists due to their conflicting emotions. While Vijay is torn between his love for Meena and his commitment to Leela, Meena struggles to come to terms with her own feelings for her sister's mentor. Leela, on the other hand, feels betrayed by both Vijay and Meena and becomes resentful towards them.

The highlight of the film is the portrayal of music as an art form that brings people together despite their differences. Meena's love for music is a constant thread throughout the movie, and the audience is treated to several soulful renditions by Saira Banu, who brings a sense of innocence and purity to her character.

Joy Mukherjee is charming as the suave and sophisticated Vijay, who understands the complexity of emotions and tries to navigate the situation with compassion and maturity. However, it is Mumtaz Begum's portrayal of Leela that steals the show. Mumtaz Begum delivers a powerful performance as the angst-ridden younger sister, torn between her dreams and her love for Vijay.

The film's music and songs are a highlight, and the audience is treated to some of the most melodious tracks of the time. The film's most popular song, "Tumne Mujhe Dekha", sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi, is a timeless classic and is still popular among music lovers today.

Overall, Saaz Aur Awaaz is a classic tale of love and music, brought to life by a talented cast and crew. The film's message of the transformative power of music resonates with audiences even today, and it continues to be a beloved classic of Hindi cinema.

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    2 hr 15 min
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    5.8  (14)