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  • NR
  • 1981
  • 2 hr 1 min
  • 8.6  (48)

Saheb is a 1981 Bengali language drama film directed by Bijoy Bose and produced by Asoke Bose. The film stars Madhavi Mukherjee, Mahua Roy Chowdhury, Tapas Pal, Dilip Roy, and Anup Kumar in pivotal roles. The movie is a noteworthy addition to the Bengali film industry and is considered one of the classics of the time. The storyline of Saheb revolves around a Zamindar family living in rural Bengal. The movie has fine-tuned the portrayal of the feudalistic society and its way of living. The protagonist of the story is a young man named Ananda (essay by Tapas Pal) who is the pampered son of his doting mother Basanti Devi (Madhavi Mukherjee). The Zamindar family stays in a large mansion with the servitude of numerous laborers. Basanti Devi is a self-regulating woman and is the head of the family, alongside her husband who is bedridden.

Ananda is a carefree student who holds no regard for the importance of higher education or the societal responsibilities that come with a Zamindari title. He soon falls in love with a young woman named Chuti (played by Mahua Roy Chowdhury), who belongs to the lower class of society. Their love is forbidden due to social differences and the family’s honor, leading the two of them to elope.

The film stresses the deep-rooted issues that exist in society while portraying the unbreakable tradition of the feudalistic era. The movie showcases the class divide, and the power dynamic between the old and the new ways of life. The film’s characters are relatable as they encapsulate the ethos of the era, where societal structures played a pivotal role in everyday life.

The movie has a soundtrack that became very popular in Bengal, with songs such as “Jhilmil Jhilmil Korey”, “Kotha Dilam”, and “Majhi Baaia Jao Rey”. The soundtrack and the music were composed by Bappi Lahiri, which earned the film a significant recognition.

Saheb is known for its brilliant casting, especially the lead pair of Tapas Pal and Mahua Roy Chowdhury. The chemistry between the two actors is exceptional, and they delivered believable performances, making the audience emotionally invested in their love story. Madhavi Mukherjee’s performance as the headstrong Basanti Devi left a lasting impact on the audience. Her portrayal of a woman holding strong traditional values, while breaking free from the age-old societal norms, was a significant cinematic endeavor and was lauded by critics.

The film’s visual elements and cinematography immerse viewers into the era and the setting. The sets and costume designs were created with utmost attention to detail, making the film an aesthetically pleasing experience. The film also showcases the major socio-political context of the time, including the Naxalite movement and its impact on rural life.

In conclusion, Saheb is a cinematic masterpiece that captures the struggle between societal norms and personal desires. The film portrays family values, love, and heartbreak with an extraordinary impact on the audience. It depicts how the changing times affected society and the importance of adapting to new ways of living. Saheb’s classic soundtrack, immersive sets, and brilliant performances by the actors will leave the audience captivated till the end. The film continues to inspire directors and actors in the Bengali film industry and holds an important place in the history of Bengali cinema.

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    2 hr 1 min
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (48)