Samurai Cowboy

"When the Far East meets the Wild West"
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Samurai Cowboy is the story of one man and his lifelong dream of becoming a rancher. Yutaka is an office worker in Japan, and his best friend dies of a stress-related heart attack. Yutaka decides that he will no longer waste his life working in an office for someone else. He buys a farm out in the middle of nowhere, but the farm that he purchases is already destined to be demolished by an evil government corporation. Yutaka must either move or fight back and defend his new land.

1993 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.3/10
Hiromi Gô, Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Conrad, Matt McCoy
Michael Keusch
Produced By
Mike Erwin, J. Max Kirishima
Samurai Cowboy
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Also starring Hiromi Gô