Satan's Mistress

"Her wildest dreams are about to come true"
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Unhappy in her marriage Lisa finds herself seeking sexual satisfaction from that of an unworldly presence while staying at their family beach house. Having become distant from her husband, Lisa's apparition starts to take on the form of a more solid dark figure. Her ghostly sexual partner, who does not speak, never quite truly says who he is. Before she knows it, Lisa has become the mistress to a satanic man and her sexual seeking has become a little more than what she was expecting.

| 1982 | 1 hr 38 min | 3.3/10
Britt Ekland, Lana Wood, Kabir Bedi, Don Galloway
James Polakof
Produced By
Beverly Johnson, Michelle Morgan, William H. Parker, James Polakof, Gary Rollason, John J. Smith
Satan's Mistress
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Also starring Britt Ekland