Savage Dawn

"The reign of terror is about to end."

Savage Dawn in a 1985 action thriller movie featuring a Vietnam War hero and a motorcycle gang. The story essentially depicts an ongoing confrontation between them. Known only as Stryker, the principal character is played by Lance Henriksen. Stryker first encounters the gang at a gas station while on his way to visit his friend Tick Rand, played by George Kennedy.

In a subsequent encounter with the gang, the members of which have by then obtained a tank and some other military weapons, Rand is killed. In an act of revenge, Stryker wipes out the gang and kills its leader.

1984 | 2 hr | 4.8/10
George Kennedy, Richard Lynch, Karen Black, Claudia Udy
Simon Nuchtern
Produced By
Gregory Earls-Pierre Benichou
Savage Dawn
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Also starring Richard Lynch

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