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  • 1934
  • 1 hr 7 min
  • 6.2  (52)

Say It With Flowers is a delightful British romantic comedy film released in 1934. Directed by John Baxter, the movie stars the talented Mary Clare, alongside Ben Field and George Carney in prominent roles. Filled with humor, love, and a dash of adventure, Say It With Flowers transports audiences to a charming world of flower shops, mistaken identities, and blossoming romance.

The story revolves around Mrs. Daffodil Lattimer (Mary Clare), a widowed florist who runs a popular flower shop. Known for her peculiar love for flowers and enchanting personality, Mrs. Lattimer spreads joy through her work, creating stunning arrangements for various occasions. One day, she receives an order for an incredibly rare and expensive flower, the Makarova Orchid. This unusual request sets in motion a chain of events that lead to unexpected encounters and humorous misunderstandings.

As Mrs. Lattimer starts planning how to obtain the rare orchid, she runs into a boisterous street peddler named Jimmy Hartigan (Ben Field). Jimmy, always eager to make a quick buck, convinces Mrs. Lattimer that he can locate the elusive flower for her. However, what she doesn't know is that Jimmy is neither experienced nor capable of fulfilling such a task. Nonetheless, Jimmy takes on the challenge to win her favor, not realizing the potential consequences of his actions.

Amidst their endeavor to find the Makarova Orchid, Mrs. Lattimer and Jimmy become entangled in a series of humorous misadventures. Their escapades involve encounters with eccentric characters, including a nosy journalist named Joe Saunders (George Carney), who takes a keen interest in their quest. Joe, always eager for a juicy story, becomes convinced that there is more to the orchid hunt than meets the eye and decides to investigate.

As their search for the prized flower intensifies, Mrs. Lattimer and Jimmy find themselves in numerous comedic situations, such as pretending to be a wealthy couple to gain access to a rare flower exhibit or inadvertently causing chaos at a prestigious garden party. Their camaraderie blossoms amidst the chaos, and an unexpected romantic connection begins to grow between them.

However, this newfound romance faces challenges when a misunderstanding arises. Mrs. Lattimer becomes mistakenly convinced that Jimmy is interested in her only for the potential financial gain she represents due to the orchid. Heartbroken and disillusioned, she distances herself from him, causing both characters to reflect on their actions.

Say It With Flowers weaves together a tale of love, humor, and self-discovery in a delightful manner. The film explores themes of trust, the importance of sincerity, and the resilience of the human spirit. With its charming characters, witty dialogue, and clever plot twists, the movie captivates and engages audiences from start to finish.

Through its colorful depiction of the world of flowers and the memorable interactions between its characters, Say It With Flowers beautifully captures the spirit of hope, friendship, and the power of love. Mary Clare delivers a remarkable performance as Mrs. Daffodil Lattimer, showcasing her talent for both comedy and emotional depth. Supported by the excellent chemistry between Ben Field and George Carney, Clare shines as the heart and soul of the film.

Say It With Flowers transports viewers to a simpler time, where love can be found amidst the humdrum of everyday life. With its warm-hearted storytelling and genuine humor, the film brings joy and laughter, proving that sometimes, love truly can be expressed with something as simple and beautiful as flowers.

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