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  • R
  • 1993
  • 1 hr 42 min
  • 5.4  (404)

Scam is a riveting crime thriller that was released in 1993. It stars Christopher Walken, Lorraine Bracco, and Miguel Ferrer in lead roles. The movie depicts the story of a group of con artists who team up to carry out the ultimate scam. The movie begins with Joe (Christopher Walken) being released from prison after serving a term for a previous con job. He catches up with his old partner Mickey (Miguel Ferrer) who informs him of a new scam they've been planning. The two then go on to gather a team of expert con artists, which includes Rita (Lorraine Bracco), a seductive and skilled scam artist who becomes the love interest of Joe.

The focus of the scam is a wealthy businessman named Billy Fox (Steve Buscemi). The group's plan is to convince Fox to invest in a rich gold mine located in Indonesia using a fake map that they've conjured up. The team needs Fox's money to establish the mine, and the con artists plan to run away with the money once they've succeeded.

The first half of the movie focuses on the process of building trust between the team and Fox. They develop relationships with him and his family, including his wife and daughter. Rita, in particular, spends plenty of time with Fox's daughter and develops a bond of trust with her. They use every trick in the book to gain Fox's trust and make him believe in their scam. They manipulate and deceive him to a point where he falls for their scam hook, line, and sinker.

The second half of the movie shows how the team falls apart due to internal issues and the pressures of carrying out the scam. As the group gets closer to achieving their goal, tensions rise, and trust begins to falter. The team members turn on each other, leaving Joe and Rita to carry out the final stages of the scam.

Scam is a thrilling and suspenseful movie that keeps you guessing until the very end. The movie's strength is its cast, with Christopher Walken giving a standout performance as the lead character, Joe. His portrayal of the seasoned con artist is both endearing and chilling at the same time, and is sure to keep audiences captivated throughout the movie.

The supporting cast of Lorraine Bracco and Miguel Ferrer also delivers subtle and nuanced performances. Bracco, in particular, brings the right amount of sex appeal and cunning to her role, making her character essential to the plot.

Director John Flynn does an excellent job of keeping the storyline moving at a fast pace, without confusing or losing the audience. The movie's dialogues and scenes are well-crafted, helping to maintain the story's momentum.

Overall, Scam is a well-made movie that will please fans of the genre. Despite its age, the movie still holds up as an engaging crime thriller. The performances are superb, and the plot is engaging enough to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Whether you're a fan of Christopher Walken or simply enjoy suspenseful dramas, this movie is well worth a watch!

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