The Prophecy 2

"An evil force has declared war..."

The angel Gabriel is taken out of hell and sent to Earth in order to stop the birth of a half human half angel child whose arrival is prophesied to precede the end of the war in heaven and bring peace between the warring factions of angels. A human woman named Valerie meets an angel whom she accidentally hits with her car, and after being seduced by him soon finds herself pregnant with the prophesied child.

As the childís father Danyael attacks Gabrielís angels, Gabriel enlists a teenage girl named Izzy, who recently committed suicide. Gabriel uses her to help him since even though he has powers as an angel, he still does not know how to navigate the modern world of technology and cars. With her help, he hunts for the unborn child and its mother, as well as the monk, Daggett, who was the one who first made the prophecy.

| 1998 | 1 hr 27 min | 5.8/10
Greg Spence
The Prophecy 2

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