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  • R
  • 1995
  • 91 hr
  • 4.9  (699)

Scanner Cop II, released in 1995, is a sequel to the 1988 horror film Scanners, and it stars Daniel Quinn as Samuel Staziak, Patrick Kilpatrick as Karl Glock, Khrystyne Haje as Mary Jensen, and Stephen Mendel as Frank Konopski. The film, despite being a standalone story, has the same concept, which revolves around people with the ability to manipulate others' thoughts and actions, known as Scanners.

The movie opens with Frank Konopski, a detective, on a stakeout to catch a scanner named Karl Glock, who has been involved in various criminal activities. Meanwhile, Samuel Staziak, a scanner and a cop, is returning to his job after receiving psychiatric treatment for his abilities, which previously forced him to retire. Staziak is assigned to work with Konopski. As they team up, they discover that Glock is involved with a group of rogue Scanners who are using their powers to commit crimes and cause destruction.

While investigating the group, Staziak discovers that the rogue Scanners have formed a cult and are planning to conduct an apocalyptic ceremony to rule the world. Staziak and Konopski must work together to stop the Scanners from carrying out their plan. During their investigation, Staziak falls in love with Mary Jensen, a psychic who can communicate with the dead, and who provides information to help them in their investigation.

The film has a well-crafted plot that combines action, suspense, and mystery to make a thrilling and engaging watch. The character development is impressive, with the lead characters demonstrating an excellent chemistry that makes the story feel more alive. The special effects are adequate, although they may seem dated to a modern audience, and the gore is not as explicit as seen in other horror films from the 1990s, giving it a slightly milder tone. However, this makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a horror film that is not overly graphic.

The performances are quite good, particularly by Daniel Quinn, who portrays the lead character Samuel Staziak with emotional depth and intelligence. Quinn is engaging, and his portrayal of Staziak as a troubled, complex character makes him relatable to the audience. Additionally, Patrick Kilpatrick is excellent as Karl Glock, the merciless and ruthless villain, who is intimidating, chilling, and disturbing from the moment he appears on screen.

Khrystyne Haje, who plays Mary Jensen, brings a unique perspective to the film as a psychic who can communicate with the dead. Jensen provides a refreshing subplot to the film, adding a touch of romantic interest to the story. Stephen Mendel delivers a nuanced and convincing performance as Frank Konopski, the experienced detective who is skeptical of Staziak's abilities but comes to appreciate him as the story unfolds.

Moreover, the movie has an atmospheric soundtrack that complements the action on the screen effectively. From the tense chase scenes to the suspenseful moments when the Scanners are using their powers, the score accentuates the mood of the film.

In summary, Scanner Cop II, is a well-crafted horror film that stands out for its engaging plot, intriguing characters, and suspenseful scenes. This sequel is not reliant on the original for context, making it accessible to those who have not yet seen Scanners. It is perfect for fans of horror films from the 1990s or anyone seeking a unique and thrilling viewing experience.

Scanner Cop II
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  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
  • Runtime
    91 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    4.9  (699)