Scotland, Pa.

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Scotland, PA is a dramatic film that is loosely based on Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The film takes place in a diner in Pennsylvania. Joe McBeth is a hardworking person at the diner who gets passed over for an important promotion. He is then told by some fortune tellers that he has a future in management, which only makes him more furious that he was passed over.

Duncan, the owner of the diner, decides that he will revamp the restaurant into a fast-food place. While having this conversation, McBeth accidentally knocks Duncan out by opening a door. Pat, another coworker, decides that she and McBeth should kill Duncan so that they can have the restaurant. The two attack Duncan and kill him. During the fight, Duncan knocks into a deep fryer, sending hot oil through the room and burning Pat’s hand.

McBeth and Pat take over the restaurant but soon run into a lot of problems. The police are investigating Duncan’s death, and the two murderers routinely steer the cops in different directions. Pat even gives a homeless man some of Duncan’s jewelry to make him look suspicious, and the cops arrest him but eventually let him go. Meanwhile, McBeth is becoming increasingly paranoid. He is confident the cops will catch up to him and Pat eventually.

Pat also starts to go crazy. She believes that everyone is staring at her hand and making fun of her. She becomes obsessed with putting lotion on her burn marks, even though no one can see them. McBeth kills Banko, another restaurant worker, because he believes that he is starting to get suspicious. McBeth completely loses it and tries to shoot the head inspector. The two fight over the gun, and McBeth falls to his death. Pat begins to become an alcoholic. The film ends with the inspector taking over the restaurant because he has always wanted to own his own place.

| 2001 | 1 hr 44 min | 6.7/10 | 49/100
James Le Gros, Maura Tierney, Christopher Walken, Kevin Corrigan
Billy Morrissette
Produced By
Richard Shepard, Jonathan Stern
Scotland, Pa.
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Also starring Maura Tierney