Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse

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  • 1963
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.4  (433)

Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse is a 1963 German crime-thriller film directed and co-written by Paul May. The movie is part of the popular and long-running series of movies that revolve around the fictional character Dr. Mabuse created by Norbert Jacques. In this edition of the series, we see Peter van Eyck essaying the role of the police detective named Inspector Lohmann who is investigating a mysterious crime wave across the city. As per the trend of previous movies, Lohmann's path inevitably crosses with that of the evil genius Dr. Mabuse (played superbly by Wolfgang Preiss).

Despite the fact that Dr. Mabuse was thought to have died in an explosion in the previous movie, it becomes apparent early on that he is very much alive and back to his old tricks. His latest modus operandi seems to be centered around the theft of various art objects across the city. As we slowly find out, there is a grand plan behind these thefts, with Mabuse hoping to use the valuable artefacts as collateral to get his hands on a formula for a new and powerful chemical weapon.

As Inspector Lohmann and his team race against time to stop Dr. Mabuse, they must use all their training and wits to keep up with the criminal mastermind. To complicate things further, a key member of Lohmann's team named Schramm (played by Dieter Borsche) is kidnapped midway through the movie, and Lohmann must use all his investigative prowess to retrieve Schramm and stop Mabuse before it's too late.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse is how the plot manages to balance suspense and action with moments of comedy and levity. The performances are uniformly excellent, with Peter van Eyck being a particular highlight as the determined and resourceful Inspector Lohmann. Mainstay villain Wolfgang Preiss once again turns in a chilling portrayal of the evil Dr. Mabuse with his innate menace and understated charm.

Of course, it's not just the performances that make Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse such an enjoyable movie. From a technical standpoint, the film is expertly crafted. Cinematographer Karl Löb masterfully shoots the movie, beautifully capturing the atmospheric streets of Berlin and the eerie, shadowy laboratory where Dr. Mabuse conducts his evil experiments. The movie also features a terrific score by composer Peter Thomas that manages to be both moody and memorable.

Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse is a classic example of the type of crime-thriller film that Germany has long been synonymous with. It's smart, stylish, and sophisticated, with a great cast and an absorbing plot that steadily ratchets up the tension until reaching a satisfying conclusion. If you are a fan of the genre or appreciate the great movies made in the 1960s, then Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse is a movie you should not miss.

Scotland Yard vs. Dr. Mabuse
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