Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone

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"The dumbest movie of all time!"
  • NR
  • 2009
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 2.2  (190)

Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that follows the misadventures of a struggling Scout troop that is on the verge of losing everything. Starring Chris Kattan, Fred Willard and David Leo, the movie takes a lighthearted approach to the serious topic of the decline of Scouting culture in America. The movie opens with a prologue explaining the origins of the troop - the father of the current Scout master was a revered community leader and Scout master, and his son took up the mantle after his passing. However, after years of dwindling enrollment and lack of interest from the community, the troop is in danger of being disbanded.

Enter the main players - the current Scout master, Randy Stevens (Chris Kattan), a bumbling and awkward man-child who can barely keep his own life together, much less lead an entire troop; Assistant Scout master, Duke (David Leo), a gruff and cynical former military man who had a falling out with his son; and local businessman and former Scout master, Denny Doherty (Fred Willard), who has a personal stake in keeping the troop alive.

Doherty enlists the help of Randy and Duke to raise money and awareness for the Scouts, culminating in a campout extravaganza that is open to the public. Despite initial setbacks and obstacles - including a rival troop that will do anything to sabotage them - the trio eventually rallies the community to save the Scouts.

One of the strengths of Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone is its ability to balance humor and heart. There are plenty of cringe-worthy moments featuring Chris Kattan's Randy - such as his hilarious attempts to impress a fellow troop leader by wearing a ridiculous costume - but the movie also touches on serious issues like youth mentorship and the importance of community involvement.

Another highlight of the movie is the performances of the cast, particularly the duo of Kattan and Leo. Kattan, who rose to fame in the 90s on Saturday Night Live, brings his signature physical comedy to the role of Randy, but also shows surprising depth in his portrayal of a man trying to find his way in life. Leo, meanwhile, is a perfect foil to Kattan's antics, playing the role of the tough-as-nails mentor with a hidden soft side.

Fred Willard, always a scene-stealer, also brings his A-game as the eccentric businessman who believes in the power of Scouting. His character provides much of the movie's heart and soul, and his commitment to the cause of the Scouts is infectious.

Overall, Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone is a fun and uplifting movie that is perfect for families and anyone who loves a good underdog story. While it may not be the most profound or groundbreaking film, it succeeds in its mission of promoting the values of Scouting culture and entertaining audiences at the same time. So gather up your troop and head to the theater to see this delightful comedy - you won't be disappointed!

Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone
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