Secuestro Express

The movie follows a kidnapping of Carla and her boyfriend when they are suddenly taken in Caracas, Venezuela. Carla (Maestro) and her boyfriend Martin (Leroux) are a cute upper-class couple that just came from a party when they see Trece (Molina), Niga, (Madera), and Budu (Perez). They are 3 men who have made a living by kidnapping weak young adults to gain easy money from their rich parents.

Martin and Carla are their latest victims and are put on a frightening overnight journey through Caracas where they wait for her father Sergio (Blades) to hand them twenty thousand dollars, which is considered to be a tiny amount for rich Caraqueño; however, it is equivalent to more than 8 long years of what Venezuelans earn as a minimum wage.

They are both physically and emotionally hurt, but soon create a relationship with the bad guys to escape. However, zero of their plans actually turn out the way they wanted. They continue to go to the Land Cruiser and do everything their captor's are trying to do. Through the plenty of mishaps they encountered, they then begin to creepily bond with their kidnappers in the end.

Martin then flees the kidnappers to a crowded square, letting Niga know that he can kill his girlfriend and abandon her. However, he's soon apprehended by their cronies and return to them, then murdered inside the trunk of their taxi.

After her step father pays the actual ransom, the kidnappers then heatedly argue over where her fate will lie on whether they should murder, release, or simply rape her. Trece pays what's on his mind, and says to let her free so she's released, but she's taken by another group of kidnappers. Trece however, returns to where she was and kills them, freeing her once again. In the last scene she's shown with more modest attire along with a inelegant car, working with sick impoverished children.

| 2004 | 1 hr 26 min | 6.6/10
Alain Jakubowicz, Jonathan Jakubowicz
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Secuestro Express