S'en fout la mort

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Dah and Jocelyn are immigrants in France who decide to organize a cockfighting ring to make some much needed money for themselves. Jocelyn organizes the use of a building owned by a man he knew in the Caribbean, Pierre, who tries to take increasing amounts of the profits as the ring becomes more successful. Eventually, Jocelyn grows fond of the birds he is training for the fights and finds it difficult to remain part of the illegal ring. Jocelyn also finds himself falling for Pierre's wife and decides he must break free from the ring to survive.

Not Rated
| 1990 | | 6.7/10
Isaach De Bankolé, Alex Descas, Solveig Dommartin, Christopher Buchholz
S'en fout la mort (English: No Fear, No Die) is a 1990 French feature film directed by Claire Denis and written by Denis in collaboration with Jean-Pol Fargeau. [edit] External links S'en fout la mort at the Internet Movie Database
S'en fout la mort
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