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"The killer is back"

The beaches are once again unsafe as sharks attack in Shark Attack 2. In this action packed, and at times gory, thriller sharks are terrorizing the tropical beaches of Hawaii. The movie begins with two sisters diving near a wreck deep under the ocean. A lone shark attacks and only one sister survives. Fast forward one week to a new attraction at Water World and Dr. Nick West who has just installed the shark that killed one of the girls in a shark tank.

Nick has no idea that this shark has killed anyone, much less the sister of the woman who shows up demanding that the shark be put down. Nick is basically told to ignore her until the shark escapes his tank and starts feeding on innocent people. During their investigation, Samantha and Nick find out that the shark is a mutant shark that escaped during transport, along with six other mutant great whites, that are living in a cave close to the beach and intent on eating anything that moves.

As the carnage mounts Samantha, Nick, and Roy-a discovery channel shark hunter, rush against time to stop the sharks before they feast on the teens scheduled to compete. They meet opposition on every side from the owner of Water World who doesn’t want to shut the park down, lose money, and destroy his reputation. In the meantime the sharks are chomping down on every swimmer they can find. Water Worlds Surfing Competition is right around the corner and the three desperate hunters realize that the quiet seaside town is being lined up for a slaughter.

Once enough deaths have been reported the owner of the park tells them to take care of the problem but still refuses to cancel the surfing contest. What results is a mad dash to destroy the blood thirsty sharks before the competition begins and six hungry sharks bent on destruction take out the entire island. Not only are the sharks feasting on the residents, one of them killed Samantha’s sister, making the hunt personal.

| 2000 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.1/10
Thorsten Kaye, Nikita Ager, Dan Metcalfe, Caroline Bruins
David Worth (II), David Worth
Shark Attack 2

Also directed by David Worth (II), David Worth

Also starring Thorsten Kaye

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