Shark Swarm

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"Shark Swarm" is an American movie that was made for the Syfy Channel. It is the 11th movie in the "Maneater" series. In it, a greedy developer wants to build some high-end condos, and a fisherman and his family are living where he wants to build. In order to get rid of the fisherman, he poisons almost all of the fish in the area. The poison, however, doesn't affects sharks, and the hungry sharks begin attacking humans, as they're the only food source left.

| 2008 | | 3.4/10
Daryl Hannah, John Schneider, Armand Assante, F. Murray Abraham
Shark Swarm is a film created by RHI Entertainment as part of the Maneater film series. It premiered on the Sci Fi Channel on May 25, 2008.[1] Directed by James A. Contner and written by Matthew Chernov and David Rosiak, the film stars Daryl Hannah, John
Shark Swarm
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