Sherman's March

"The shocking campaign that ended the Civil War"

Sherman's March is a documentary following General William Sherman's Civil War fall of 1864 "March to the Sea." He marched 62,000 Union Troops over 650 miles, through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, in less than 100 days. This march removed the distinction between warriors and civilians. In the film, Black Southerners speak of General Sherman as a great liberator. White Southerners hated him and talk of him as a destructive man. The film closes with the old man General Sherman living in New York and recalling the days of the march with warmth. He recalls how they could march 10 miles a day.

| 2007 | 1 hr 40 min | 7.5/10
Bill Oberst Jr., Christopher Clawson, Jared Morrison, Mike Brown
History Channel, The
Rick King
Sherman's March
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Sherman's March 2007 Movie Trailer|1:58
Sherman's March 2007 Movie Trailer|1:58