Sir! No Sir!

"If You Ever Wanted To End A War..."
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This fascinating documentary examines one of the more heated topics of the past 50 years in terms of political and social divide. The Vietnam War has widely been regarded as one of the more controversial occurrences in the history of the United States. The film focuses on one of the more crucial elements of the war, that up until that point, had not been seen. All over the country people were protesting and voicing their strong opinions as to why the United States should or should not have been involved. This film focuses on the growing number of military personnel who were among those protesting.

| 2005 | 1 hr 25 min | 7.8/10 | 74/100
Michael Alaimo, Edward Asner, Joe Bangert, Tom Bernard
David Zeiger
Produced By
Evangeline Griego, Aaron Zarrow
Sir! No Sir!
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