Sky High

"Saving The World... One Homework Assignment At A Time."

The 2005 teen super hero film Sky High talks about how actual superheros become superheros and how they get their sidekicks. The romantic teen comedy film is relate-able to teens everywhere despite the entire superhero plot. The film follows Will Stronghold, a 15 year old freshman who's parents are known for being the strongest and most helpful heroes ever. Will goes to his first day of school at Sky High with his childhood best friend Layla. The school teaches teens with super powers to strengthen and develop their powers. Will is very excited to attend his first day of school, as his parents are unaware on how he hasn't seen his powers in action yet, unlike his friend Layla who has the capability to manipulate plants. While walking in the hallways, Will gets bullied along with another freshman, and due to him lacking any powers, he is placed into "hero's support" which will teach him how to be a sidekick.

Although Layla is capable to be a hero, she doesn't believe in using her powers unless it is 100% needed. The class' teacher is Wills Dads old sidekick. As Will comes home, his Father is still not aware of his son being a sidekick, and shows him some of his most prized possessions. The most precious possession he shows Will his "Pacifier", as he took it from his main nemesis Royal Pain a long time ago.

Eventually, Wills parents find out about him not having any powers, and his father seems to be a bit angry, while his mom is still hoping for the best.

Meanwhile at school, Warren Peace seems to be furious with Will, as Will's father was the one who put his dad in jail. During a fight, Will is able to showcase super strength (his father's powers) and fight off Warren. This impresses the hottest girl in school, Gwen Grayson, who is a technopath that is able to control machines with her mind.

The popularity and Gwen then drives Will away from his sidekick friends and Layla. This then causes Layla to ask Warren out to the school dance, as she wants to make Will Jealous.

Before the dance, Gwen throws a party at Wills house to get him to bring her to his dad's most precious possessions to allow her to steal "the pacifier" when they kiss.

At the party, Will believes that Gwen is the daughter of Royal Pain, but reveals that she is Royal Pain and that she wants to revenge what Will's dad did to her the past. "The pacifier" machine which she created makes people turn back to babies, and that's what Will's Dad did to her. In the end, Layla and Will become a couple, and the sidekicks are rewarded as some of the best super heroes.

| 2005 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.2/10
Mike Mitchell, Mike Mitchell (VI)
Sky High

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