Some Kind of Monster

"Documentary Making of St. Anger"
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This film is an honest look at the personal and more troubling parts of the successful career of Metallica, which became a legendary rock band. Phil Towle, a psychologist, is hired by some members of the group to attempt to save not only the band but also the friendships and minds of the members. The therapy occurs during the recording of ST. Anger and includes drummer Lars Ulrich and singer/guitarist Jameshedfield with some contribution from guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Not Rated
| 2003 | 2 hr 21 min | 7.5/10 | 74/100
Metallica, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo
Joe Berlinger Bruce Sinofsky
Produced By
Joe Berlinger Bruce Sinofsky
Some Kind of Monster
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Also starring Metallica

Also starring Lars Ulrich

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