Somebody Help Me

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This is a mystery horror film that centers around two friends, Darryl and Jennings. Both men take their girlfriends Serena and Kimmy a few other friends to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, for a weekend celebration. The group settles in at the cabin, and start to get some strange vibes. One by one the group starts to disappear, and eventually turn up dead. When there are only a few people left at the cabin they plot a way to survive and get help. However that is easier said than done. They met with terror and horror at every turn while trying to get help.

| 2007 | | 4.2/10
Braxton Davis, Donna Duplantier, Amanda Fetters, Alexis Fields
Chris Stokes
Somebody Help Me
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Also directed by Chris Stokes, Christopher B. Stokes