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  • NR
  • 1974
  • 8.3  (2,687)

Sonar Kella is a Bengali language movie produced in 1974 and directed by Satyajit Ray. It is based on a novel written by the director, which was published in 1971. The movie explores the themes of reincarnation, mystery, and adventure against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Rajasthan, India. The plot of the movie revolves around a young boy named Mukul (played by Kamal Kapur) who claims to have memories of being a prince in his past life. His parents are skeptical of his claims but are worried when they discover that Mukul's life is in danger because of his vivid memories. They decide to take him to a renowned parapsychologist (played by Soumitra Chatterjee) who specializes in cases of reincarnation.

The parapsychologist, who is intrigued by Mukul's claims, decides to take him to Rajasthan to investigate his past life memories. They are joined by a businessman (played by Santanu Bagchi), and together they embark on an adventure to uncover the truth about Mukul's past life.

On their journey, they encounter various obstacles and dangers, including a group of criminals who are also after the treasure that Mukul claims to have hidden in his past life. The parapsychologist must use his wit and intelligence to protect Mukul and uncover the truth about his past life.

The movie is visually stunning with lush landscapes and intricate details that capture the beauty of Rajasthan. Satyajit Ray explores the theme of reincarnation through the character of Mukul, who is convinced that his memories are from a past life. The parapsychologist, on the other hand, is initially skeptical of Mukul's claims but is eventually convinced that there may be more to Mukul's memories than meets the eye.

The performances in the movie are outstanding, with Soumitra Chatterjee delivering a brilliant performance as the parapsychologist. Kamal Kapur, who plays Mukul, also delivers a convincing performance as a young boy grappling with memories from a past life.

The movie is not just a mystery and adventure story but also explores themes of family and belonging. Mukul's parents' love for him is evident throughout the movie, and their determination to protect their son speaks to the power of familial bonds.

In conclusion, Sonar Kella is a captivating movie that explores the themes of reincarnation, mystery, and adventure against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Rajasthan. With outstanding performances and stunning visuals, Satyajit Ray creates a compelling story that engages the audience from beginning to end.

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    8.3  (2,687)