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"Grab on for the ride of your life"
  • R
  • 2000
  • 4.1  (539)

Sonic Impact is an action-packed thriller movie from 1999, directed by Rodney McDonald. The film is set in the late 1990s and stars James Russo, Ice-T, and Michael Harris. This film features a variety of talented actors that add to its success, making it one of the highly recommended thrillers of its time. The movie revolves around a group of ex-military men who are now working as security guards. The company where they work, known as Trans Allied Inc., is a highly regarded security firm providing protection services to various government agencies, corporations and even wealthy individuals. The guards, after completing their normal duties in the work, become stranded in the middle of a vast desert when their plane crashes.

As they struggle to survive amidst the harsh conditions of the desert, a group of terrorists – who were being transported by the same plane – attempt to kill the passengers who survived the crash. Their sudden attack leaves a huge impact on the survivors as they now have to fight to survive and protect themselves from any potential threats.

The terrorists, led by a psychopath named Dutton (played by James Russo), have a plan to carry out a deadly mission, and they need the expertise of Dave (played by Michael Harris), a computer technician who works in Trans Allied Inc. Dave has developed a highly sophisticated microchip that can track down any machine anywhere in the world. Dutton wants to use the chip to gain access to the United States nuclear weapons systems and wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, the government officials at Trans Allied Inc. have hired a retired military officer, Gage Sullivan (played by Ice-T), to investigate the plane crash and find out what happened. Gage is a tough guy but has a heart as well. He is an expert in battling challenging situations and has the skill set to handle the situation at hand.

As Gage and his team search for answers and try to prevent the terrorists from carrying out their mission. They realize that time is running out, and they must act swiftly to stop the terrorists. They have to use every skill they have learned in their military careers to fight against the terrorists and protect the microchip's inventor, Dave.

The film's plot provides a riveting blend of action, suspense and thriller, keeping the viewer engrossed throughout the movie. As expected with any action movie of this genre, there are fabulous fighting scenes between Gage and Dutton, making for some high-octane entertainment.

The lead actors are fantastic, with Ice-T delivering an explosive debut performance. Michael Harris did an amazing job in portraying the character of Dave. He was excellent in his role of a technical expert who designed the microchip that proved pivotal to the movie's storyline. James Russo played the perfect psychopath, making his character very believable and sinister.

As for the film's direction, Rodney McDonald does a splendid job of keeping the audience engaged throughout. The desert setting was perfect for the movie, adding to the film's mood and setting up a sense of unease, tension and danger.

Sonic Impact is an excellent action movie that packs a punch. It may not have been critically acclaimed, but it is a fantastic action-packed thriller that many action movie fans will enjoy. The movie has something for everyone - action, suspense and mayhem, all of which are captured beautifully. If you are looking for an exciting movie that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, Sonic Impact is the perfect choice.

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