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  • 2006
  • 2 hr
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SS Doomtrooper is a science fiction movie that was released in 2006. Directed by Robert Young, this German production stars Corin Nemec, James Pomichter, and Marian Filali. The movie is set in an alternate reality where World War II is still ongoing in 1944. The axis powers are winning and have developed a new superweapon called the Doomtrooper - an enhanced soldier that is almost invincible. The Doomtrooper was created by Dr. Eberhardt (Nannette Auch) using a serum derived from a rare mineral found in Tibet. The Nazi leadership is planning to deploy the Doomtrooper to turn the tide of the war in their favor.

The main protagonist in the film is Lieutenant Donnie O'Malley (Corin Nemec), an American soldier who is deployed on a mission to destroy the factory where the Doomtrooper is being produced. O'Malley is part of a small team that includes a British spy named Captain Langford (James Pomichter) and a French resistance fighter named Madmoiselle Bleu (Marian Filali).

As they infiltrate the factory, the team soon realizes that they are dealing with something much more dangerous than they anticipated. The Doomtrooper is not just a highly trained soldier; it also possesses superhuman strength and agility, making it almost impossible to defeat. What's worse is that Dr. Eberhardt has also developed a way to control the Doomtrooper through a device that sends electroshocks to the soldiers' brains.

As the team attempts to destroy the factory and stop the Doomtrooper from getting into the hands of the enemy, they find themselves constantly fighting off an army of highly skilled soldiers. The battle scenes in the movie are intense, and the special effects are impressive, considering its budget.

What sets SS Doomtrooper apart from other movies in the genre is its unique setting. The film takes place in an alternate reality where the Nazis are winning the war, and there is a sense of hopelessness throughout the movie. The world portrayed in the film is bleak, and the characters are constantly struggling to survive against a powerful enemy.

Another strong suit of the movie is its cast. Corin Nemec delivers a solid performance as Lieutenant O'Malley, and he showcases his acting range by portraying a hero that is vulnerable and flawed. James Pomichter and Marian Filali also give excellent performances, bringing depth to their respective characters.

However, the movie does suffer from some pacing issues. There are certain scenes that drag on, which can make the movie feel longer than it needs to be. The dialogue in the movie can also be clunky at times, which can take you out of the experience.

Overall, SS Doomtrooper is an entertaining movie that is worth a watch, especially if you are a fan of the science fiction genre. While the movie has its flaws, the setting and the strong performances from the cast make it an enjoyable ride.

SS Doomtrooper
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