Nice Guys

"Impossible dreams require impossible plans."
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Tom and his group of independent filmmaker friends were hoping to shoot a movie, but when Tom is dumped by his famous girlfriend it puts a damper on all of their plans. However, their idea to steal a case of medical marijuana and turn it in to the police for a large cash reward, seems like the perfect way to fund their movie. The only catch is they must work to keep the FBI off their track. If Tom and his buddies are able to pull this off, this may be just the break that they have all been waiting for.

| 2005 | | 4.5/10
Corin Nemec, David Faustino, Jason Mewes, Jason Marsden
Joe Eckardt
Produced By
Larry Bain, Joe Eckardt, Cecily Gambrell, Danny Trejo
Nice Guys
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Also directed by Joe Eckardt