High Hopes

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  • R
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 4.0  (473)

In this witty and original comedy, a young wannabe actor, Tom, and his like minded friends get the opportunity of a lifetime; the chance to star in a movie! However things go bad when Tom's actress girlfriend breaks up with him last minute, and ruins their shot at the big leagues. As fate would have it, the determined group hatch a plot to steal government marijuana just so that they can return it and gather up a good sized reward. The idea is simple enough; steal the case full of marijuana, return it to the FBI's correct division, collect and then use the reward money to fund their very own picture and become famous just like they always wanted.

Things like this rarely go as easy as planned though, and in this case there is no exception.
There are a few people from the past that don't wish to see Tom and his pals succeed, and feel the need for revenge for past mistakes. This new turn of events flips the guys' plans completely upside down, and takes the viewer on a ridiculous and intriguing ride into the antics of plots, grudges, friendship, mishaps and marijuana.

Soon after the plan is plotted through, an ex-girlfriend with a huge grudge shows back up with her deaf mute brother and do their best to cause the group to fail miserably at every turn. The question that continually looms is; will these guys ever actually make it to their ultimate destination of Hollywood, or will their plans and hard work just get them thrown into prison for theft and possession? Only time will tell it appears, but with everything against them, it seems that they may have gotten themselves way in over their heads.

It features a small cast of some fairly well known actors that mesh well together to bring a weird, wild, and fun filled ride that will leave the viewer thinking about what in the world just happened.

Of course, most people would know better than to try to steal from the government only to then turn around and return it to them, but this movie is about the crazy antics of burn outs and their wild dreams, so literally anything is possible. The real question is: When they finally get their hands on the government's personal stash, will they be able to return it, or will there even be anything left to give back?

It isn't really a moral story, more of a "just for fun" kind of film that people can laugh at.

High Hopes
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    1 hr 33 min
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    4.0  (473)