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The series depicts the tribulations of the title character Parker Lewis, a Santo Domingo High School student, for whom nothing is impossible. Parker often narrates in shows. Just like his best friends, Jerry Steiner and Mikey Randall and his girlfriend Annie Sloan, his prime concern is achieving and maintaining "coolness" during the turbulent years of puberty. However, their efforts are often thwarted by Parker's little sister, Shelly, and principal Grace Musso. Apart from various aspects of teenage life, embedded in a surreal, living-cartoon-like quality and the clever camera angles and filming techniques (dissolves from one scene to the next were done by ever larger pixels), an episode regularly contains more or less subtle references to movies, politics, and celebrities. The 3,100 students are called "Flamingos", after their football team.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on September 2, 1990. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.9.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose is available for streaming on the Fox website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Parker Lewis Can't Lose on demand at Crackle , Crackle online.

3 Seasons, 73 Episodes
September 2, 1990
Cast: Corin Nemec, Troy Slaten, Billy Jayne, Melanie Chartoff, Abraham Benrubi
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Parker Lewis Can't Lose Full Episode Guide

  • The boys mourn the loss of the favorite hangout, the diner is being torn down.

  • Kubiac joins a cult movie club but breaks all protocol when he brings Kohler along with him.

  • Jerry skips ahead a grade with a special program and then drops out of school at the first sub par grade.

  • Parker and Mikey take Jerry to a strip club when things go terribly wrong.

  • Parker gets ready for Jr Prom, but is told he must chaperone Shelly that night as well.

  • Ms.Musso is getting married and can hardly believe it when the groom dies shortly after the wedding.

  • Parker is pretty shocked to meet Mikey's new girlfriend, an ex of his from summer camp.

  • The gang tries to rally around Mikey who has writers block for an all important must pass class.

  • Annie starts acting distant and that frightens Parker that she may be getting ready to break up with him.

  • Brad Penny is back at school and had taken over the poetry class. Jerry starts working at the diner.

  • Parker's mother plays cupid for Ms. Musso and sets her up with her brother Bill. Now Parker has to deal with Musso dating his uncle.

  • Parker's dreams are crushed when his dad wrecks Parker's new car.

  • When the diner goes up for sale, the guys are surprised to find out who the new owner is.

  • The Lewis' video store has tough competition when Powderkeg Video moves into town. Mr. Lewis starts to train Parker to take over the family business one day.

  • Annie sets up Coach Kohler on a date with the mother of the boy that Kubiak is babysitting.

  • While Kubiak and Annie are working together, Kube falls in love with Annie.

  • Jerry is fed up with being left out and decides the re-invent himself as one of the cool kids.

  • Coach Kohler tries to win the affection of Ms. Musso, and Jerry decides he's in the race for Shelly's heart.

  • Parker is set up on a double date while Annie is out of town, and is tempted to try dating older women.

  • Shelly decides she wants her first kiss so she sets her sights on Brad Penny. Parker is determined to get her to change her focus.

  • Brad Penny saves Parker's life, but the entire act just makes Parker extremely suspicious.

  • Parker makes a summer to do list and has a night with Annie on the top of his list. Jerry slips Parker's list to Annie.

  • Everyone is enjoying their time in the diner, until a toxic waste train wreck nearby, traps them in the diner.

  • Parker starts dreaming big of an evening home alone with Annie, but all the friends that come over seem to be getting in the way.

  • When Mikey gets desperate for cash, he lands a job, but soon finds that his priorities are mixed up.

  • Jerry decides to help a timid 'geek' under his wing. He helps a little too much and she branches out on her own a too early leaving Jerry's ego bruised.

  • Shelly asks Jerry to help her with a science project and Parker worries that he must put an end to the budding romance.

  • Once again, one of the guys turns to Nick for help with a girl of his dreams.

  • Parker decides that his relationship with Annie needs a creative boost.

  • Things get a little exciting when a celebrated alumnus returns for an award.

  • Parker's home life becomes rocky when his step mom starts to take a philosophy class.

  • It is a sad day when Parker's favorite teacher leaves teaching to find a better job to support his family.

  • Dr. Pankow bans a rock album from the campus and Parker's dad takes issue with the ban.

  • Musso is hoping to enlist the gang to make a documentary all about their school, but Parker is finding it too difficult with the amount of schoolwork he has to do.

  • Kubiac's girlfriend convinces him to choose the path of peace.

  • Parker has his heart broken by Annie and turns to Nick the help with the healing process.

  • Parker is intrigued with a girl he has met through a computer bulletin board. He changes his mind when he sees her face to face.

  • Shelly takes desperate measures for a chance to meet her favorite rock star.

  • Parker has reason to be worried as Parker's diary has fallen into the wrong hands.

  • Musso seems to be mellowing out more as she gets closer to her 40th birthday.

  • When Jerry makes the football team, he gains top dog status quickly. Kube is feeling ignored by Jerry now.

  • As Mikey's music career begins to take off, he must decide between music and his school.

  • Parker finds himself falling for his pretty teacher. Jerry discovers a flare for the arts and wants to try out for the school musical.

  • Parker's easy schedule causes Musso to push him to think harder about the future. Kubiac decides that a booster shot is just too much. Shelly seeks revenge on the cheerleaders.

  • Shelly finds herself in big trouble when she starts to hang with the wrong crowd.

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