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  • TV-PG
  • 1990
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.9  (6,015)

Parker Lewis Can't Lose was a high school sitcom that aired on Fox from 1990-1993. The show centered around Parker Lewis (Corin Nemec), a high school student who, along with his friends Mikey Randall (William Jayne) and Jerry Steiner (Troy Slaten), navigated the ups and downs of adolescence. The show was known for its fast-paced, absurdist humor and pop culture references.

Parker Lewis was the quintessential '90s teenager, dressed in bright colors, sporting a huge grin, and always ready with a quip. He was clever and resourceful, always coming up with creative solutions to the problems that he and his friends faced. Mikey and Jerry were Parker's loyal sidekicks, always willing to go along with his schemes and antics. Together, the three of them made an unstoppable team.

Parker's home life was a source of comedy as well. His mother, played by Melanie Chartoff, was an overbearing control freak who was constantly meddling in his affairs. His younger sister Shelly, played by Maia Brewton, was precocious and always finding ways to torment Parker. Finally, there was his best friend, Bull (Abraham Benrubi), a towering behemoth with a heart of gold who was never far from Parker's side.

One of the hallmarks of Parker Lewis Can't Lose was its use of visual gags and clever editing. The show was known for its montages, quick cuts, and creative transitions. Parker would often break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience, revealing his inner thoughts and plans. The show was also known for its musical numbers, which were always performed with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Despite its zany humor, Parker Lewis Can't Lose also tackled serious issues such as drugs, peer pressure, and relationships. Parker and his friends faced these challenges head-on, always learning valuable lessons along the way. The show was a reflection of the times in which it aired, capturing the spirit and energy of the '90s.

One of the highlights of the show was its cast of colorful characters. John Pinette played the lovable gym teacher, Coach Hank Kohler, who was always trying to get the students to exercise. The school principal, Grace Musso, was played by Gail O'Grady, who managed to be both stern and empathetic. Finally, there was Ms. Musso's assistant, Anita Warrell, played by Ann Cusack, who had a bizarre obsession with her stapler.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose was a cult classic during its original run, and it remains beloved by fans to this day. The show was canceled after only three seasons, but it left an indelible mark on the world of television. Its fast-paced humor and inventive visuals influenced countless shows that would come after it, and its characters and catchphrases have become iconic. In the end, Parker Lewis may have lost his show, but he will never lose his place in television history.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on September 2, 1990.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose
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The Last Supper
22. The Last Supper
June 13, 1993
The boys mourn the loss of the favorite hangout, the diner is being torn down.
The Rocky Kohler Picture Show
21. The Rocky Kohler Picture Show
June 6, 1993
Kubiac joins a cult movie club but breaks all protocol when he brings Kohler along with him.
Senior Jerry
20. Senior Jerry
May 30, 1993
Jerry skips ahead a grade with a special program and then drops out of school at the first sub par grade.
Boys Night In
19. Boys Night In
May 23, 1993
Parker and Mikey take Jerry to a strip club when things go terribly wrong.
A Night to Remember
18. A Night to Remember
May 9, 1993
Parker gets ready for Jr Prom, but is told he must chaperone Shelly that night as well.
Musso: A Wedding
17. Musso: A Wedding
Ms.Musso is getting married and can hardly believe it when the groom dies shortly after the wedding.
The Bitch is Back
16. The Bitch is Back
April 25, 1993
Parker is pretty shocked to meet Mikey's new girlfriend, an ex of his from summer camp.
Write or Die
15. Write or Die
April 18, 1993
The gang tries to rally around Mikey who has writers block for an all important must pass class.
The Love Bug
14. The Love Bug
April 11, 1993
Annie starts acting distant and that frightens Parker that she may be getting ready to break up with him.
Educating Brad
13. Educating Brad
April 4, 1993
Brad Penny is back at school and had taken over the poetry class. Jerry starts working at the diner.
An Unmarried Musso
12. An Unmarried Musso
March 28, 1993
Parker's mother plays cupid for Ms. Musso and sets her up with her brother Bill. Now Parker has to deal with Musso dating his uncle.
Parker's Got a Brand New Car
11. Parker's Got a Brand New Car
March 21, 1993
Parker's dreams are crushed when his dad wrecks Parker's new car.
Kohler Buys the Diner
10. Kohler Buys the Diner
September 27, 1992
When the diner goes up for sale, the guys are surprised to find out who the new owner is.
Lewis and Son
9. Lewis and Son
September 20, 1992
The Lewis' video store has tough competition when Powderkeg Video moves into town. Mr. Lewis starts to train Parker to take over the family business one day.
Hungry Heart
8. Hungry Heart
September 13, 1992
Annie sets up Coach Kohler on a date with the mother of the boy that Kubiak is babysitting.
Beauty and the Kube
7. Beauty and the Kube
September 6, 1992
While Kubiak and Annie are working together, Kube falls in love with Annie.
Jerry's Journey
6. Jerry's Journey
August 20, 1992
Jerry is fed up with being left out and decides the re-invent himself as one of the cool kids.
Love is Hell
5. Love is Hell
August 13, 1992
Coach Kohler tries to win the affection of Ms. Musso, and Jerry decides he's in the race for Shelly's heart.
Summer of '92
4. Summer of '92
August 6, 1992
Parker is set up on a double date while Annie is out of town, and is tempted to try dating older women.
The Kiss
3. The Kiss
July 30, 1992
Shelly decides she wants her first kiss so she sets her sights on Brad Penny. Parker is determined to get her to change her focus.
Cape Flamingo
2. Cape Flamingo
July 23, 1992
Brad Penny saves Parker's life, but the entire act just makes Parker extremely suspicious.
Flamingo Graffiti
1. Flamingo Graffiti
July 16, 1992
Parker makes a summer to do list and has a night with Annie on the top of his list. Jerry slips Parker's list to Annie.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 2, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (6,015)