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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 5.2  (1,126)

Stalked At 17 is a 2012 thriller movie that revolves around the life of a seventeen-year-old girl named Angela (Taylor Spreitler). Angela’s life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes the target of a stalker. The movie opens with Angela getting ready for her first day of school. She is excited about the day and is looking forward to it. However, things take a sinister turn when she realizes that she is being followed. She is unnerved but doesn’t think too much of it, assuming it’s just someone who is lost or going in the same direction as hers. However, things do not seem to add up, and she starts to feel more and more uneasy.

Her fears are confirmed when the stalker starts to get more aggressive, and she realizes that he has been watching her for some time. She confides in her friends, but they do not take her concerns seriously. Her boyfriend, Kevin (Charles Hittinger), tries to help, but he is equally clueless about who the stalker might be.

As the stalking intensifies, Angela gets increasingly scared and desperate. She tries to stay away from the stalker, but he seems to be everywhere she goes. She starts to fear for her life and those of her loved ones.

The movie is a tense psychological thriller that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. It portrays the trauma and fear that victims of stalking go through in a very realistic way. Taylor Spreitler's portrayal of Angela is compelling, and the audience can feel her fear, frustration, and helplessness.

Charles Hittinger's performance as Kevin is also noteworthy. He tries to be supportive and protect Angela, but he is also dealing with his own issues. Amy Pietz's portrayal of Angela's mother is also impressive. She is a single mother struggling to balance work and raising her child but is always there for her daughter when she needs her.

The movie highlights the impact that stalking can have on a person's life. Stalking is a serious issue that is often overlooked or not taken seriously. Stalkers can be anyone, and it is essential to seek help if you are being stalked.

Overall, Stalked At 17 is an engaging thriller that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The performances are excellent, and the storyline is compelling. It is a must-watch movie for anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers.

Stalked At 17
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