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Stark Raving Mad is a film written and directed by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider. The heist crime movie features Seann William Scott, Timm Sharp, Lou Diamond Phillips, Patrick Breen, Monet Mazur, John B. Crye, C. Ernst Harth, Dave Foley and Suzy Nakamura. The story follows the events of an evening at a nightclub that has been reserved by Ben (played by Seann William Scott). The owner becomes unhappy with the high noise level, fearing a possible loss of the business license. However, the noise levels remain high despite his protests and concerns.

The noise is actually needed as a specific cover for a complex and illicit bank heist that is being orchestrated by Ben at the time. He and his gang are stealing a very valuable and ancient Chinese statuette. They are doing this to clear a large debt that he and his brother owe to a dangerous and violent Chinese crime lord.

Ben needs to complete the entire theft before the crack of dawn so that he and his brother’s live will be spared. Helping him are three experienced bank robbers to ensure that it is performed in time. Ben and his assistant are in place to ensure that the night club is able to run smoothly and without any unfortunate incidents. For example, they need to be certain that the owner of the club does not become aware of the situation and shut down the operation or cops arrive.

However, two FBI agents arrive at the club to check on a drug deal. This thwarts Ben’s plan, but a food delivery boy comes upon the operation and helps them out by providing cover stories explaining the loud banging from the basement.

Ben is able to clear out bank money from a vault and conspire for the crime lord and rival Chinese gang to be in the vault at the time the alarm sounds. The money belongs to the Chinese crime lord under a separate name. Therefore, he is found guilty of stealing his own cash.

| 2002 | 1 hr 41 min | 5.9/10
Russ Fast, Marcie Severson, B. Joe Medley, Mike Walters
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Drew Daywalt, David Schneider
Stark Raving Mad

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