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"Suicide is never easy."
  • R
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 6.0  (754)

State's Evidence is a 2004 drama thriller directed by Benjamin Louis, a relatively unknown director in the movie industry. The plot revolves around four high school friends who record themselves using drugs and filming the experience. They later become embroiled in a murder investigation when one of their friends is found dead in the woods after they recorded themselves using drugs together.

The protagonist of the film is a teenage boy named Scott (played by Douglas Smith) who is shown recording himself and his friends buying and using drugs. The group of four friends includes Scott, his best friend Tom (Kris Lemche), the rebellious Harry (Drew Tyler Bell), and a girl named Rachel (Alexa Vega). The film shows how the group of friends bond over drug abuse, underage drinking, and other risky behaviors.

The story takes a turn when the group of friends gets into a car accident while driving under the influence of drugs. After the accident, the group leaves one of their friends behind, assuming that he will eventually make his way home. The next morning, the group discovers that their friend is dead in the woods, and they are the prime suspects in his murder investigation.

The movie showcases the effect of drug abuse on young people, as well as the power dynamics among friends. The theme of loyalty is central to the film, as the group of friends struggle to navigate their friendship amidst the investigation. The authorities use the video recorded by the group of friends as evidence against them, providing the movie with its title. State's Evidence refers to the rules of evidence that allow for the use of photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings in court cases.

The movie is shot in a found-footage style, with a shaky camera used to create an immersive experience for the viewer. The cinematography is dark and eerie, fitting well with the overall tone of the film. The director uses music selectively, letting the narrative propel the story forward. The script, written by William Wisher Jr. and Dan Gordon, does an excellent job of building tension and maintaining suspense throughout the film.

The casting is strong, with Douglas Smith delivering a convincing portrayal of Scott, the film's protagonist. Kris Lemche and Drew Tyler Bell provide strong support, playing their respective roles with conviction. Alexa Vega's performance rounds out the foursome, adding an extra layer of complexity to the plot.

The movie delves into several themes related to adolescence, drug use, and youth culture. It provides a harrowing portrayal of how drugs and law-breaking can lead to disastrous consequences. The film also raises the question of morality, as the characters struggle to decide whether to come clean to the authorities or try to get away with their actions.

Overall, State's Evidence is a well-crafted thriller that keeps its viewers engaged from start to finish. It provides a window into the world of adolescent drug use and its consequences, while also providing a thought-provoking take on the nature of friendship and loyalty.

State's Evidence
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