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"Two sisters are about to meet the man of every woman's dreams. He's wealthy, sexy and incredibly romantic. Something's got to be wrong."
  • R
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 5.7  (431)

Strapless is an emotionally charged drama film from 1989 that follows the life of a young American woman named Amyas (Bridget Fonda) who moves to London to escape her tumultuous past. She works as a translator for a high-end fashion designer, and one day she meets Rivas (Bruno Ganz), an enigmatic and worldly French attorney, who becomes her lover.

Despite their apparent happiness, their relationship is challenged by the sudden appearance of Meryl (Blair Brown), Rivas' wife. Meryl and Rivas have been separated for years, but when she learns of his affair with Amyas, she becomes determined to win him back. Amyas finds herself drawn into their complicated dynamic as she tries to navigate her own feelings for Rivas.

The movie focuses on the intricacies of relationships and the human heart, exploring the themes of love, lust, and infidelity. It highlights the difficulty of maintaining a relationship that is built on lies and secrets and the consequences that come with such actions.

Bridget Fonda played her part beautifully, portraying a complex character who is trying to find her footing in a foreign land. Her performance captures the naivety of a young woman who is willing to take a risk but lacks the sophistication to know what she is getting into. Blair Brown gives a commanding performance as Meryl, a woman who is fighting to hold onto her marriage and the life she's built with Rivas. Her character is multi-faceted, torn between her desire for revenge and her unwillingness to let go of the man she still loves.

Bruno Ganz delivered a strong performance as Rivas, a man who is torn between his heart and his head. He is a charming and sophisticated attorney who is used to getting what he wants, but his complicated relationship with Meryl and his love for Amyas bring out his vulnerability. His chemistry with both actresses is palpable, and he skillfully portrays the complexities of a man who is caught in the middle of two women he loves.

Strapless is set against a backdrop of London's high-end fashion industry, with stunning visuals of haute couture fashion shows and luxurious apartments. The film's cinematography is evocative, capturing the beauty of London and the fashion world, while highlighting the characters' emotional turmoil.

The movie is beautifully directed by David Hare, who captures the nuances of the characters' relationships artfully. The film's pacing is well suited to the story, allowing moments of tension to build naturally, and then releasing them in a satisfying way.

Overall, Strapless is a touching and thought-provoking movie about the complexities of the human heart. It explores the themes of love, desire, and infidelity with sensitivity and depth, and does so against the backdrop of an intriguing and seductive world. Bridget Fonda, Blair Brown, and Bruno Ganz deliver unforgettable performances, skillfully portraying characters who are flawed and multi-dimensional. The film's stunning visuals and excellent direction make it a must-see for lovers of romantic drama.

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    5.7  (431)